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Stationary modular lab automation easily integrated into your existing LAB workflow.

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Stationary standardized lab automation solution developed by RobSolutions and Siemens Healthineers in a joint partnership.

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Easily connect and automate the individual stations of your laboratory into a single LAB workflow with our mobile robot.

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Automate your intralogistics and transport medication, samples, and other materials securely across whole buildings.

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A fully integrated solution platform that allows you to adjust the workflow of your solutions without any programming knowledge.

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Improve your laboratory processes

Flexible and intelligent automation systems from RobSolutions are designed for small and mid-sized laboratories. They relieve employees from tedious tasks, save cost and time, and enhance the existing laboratory processes. The modular setup consisting out of various pretrained skills combined with an intuitive software package that ensures simple integration with only a couple of clicks.
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Our solutions

Whether you need a stationary solution, autonomous mobile robot system, or software to control various periphery devices and machines, RobSolutions is there for you.


Stationary modular lab automation solutions to improve your existing laboratory processes.

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Autonomous Mobile lab automation solutions to connect individual stations of your laboratory to an efficient LAB workflow.

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Fully integrated and easy to use software platform “uGO” is available to create, adjust, and monitor your unique laboratory workflow.

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Why partner with RobSolutions?

  • Providing expert guidance

    We provide you the confidence to scale up at a comfortable level and help you through every stage of the entire lab automation journey.

  • Increasing the throughput of your lab

    One of the most attractive features of properly designed automation is flexibility. Our approach empowers your personnel to operate in new ways.

  • Success in engineering job

    We approach the design and delivery of automation from an engineering viewpoint. It’s a strategy that alters outcomes.

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Thanks to our Robot- and Software as a service approach, you can take full advantage of our solutions from day one. Our service and support, regular maintenance, as well as remote control of the equipment ensure qualitative results at any time and provide a stable and secure workflow.

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RobSolutions is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to our clients, from initial consultation to ongoing support. We ensure that our clients have the resources and support necessary to achieve their goals. Our commitment to personalized support is complemented by our use of TeamViewer, an easy, fast, and secure augmented reality-powered visual assistance tool for online support.

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We offer a range of payment options, including Robot as a Service (RaaS), to meet our clients’ unique needs. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that clients have the resources and ongoing support necessary to achieve their goals. Contact us to learn how our lab automation solutions can help your lab reach new levels of productivity and success.

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