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Smart laboratory automation

Enhance your lab processes with intelligent lab automation using The Box, a solution designed for small-mid-sized labs and developed by URG and Siemens Healthineers in a partnership. The Box increases overall efficiency, relieves employee workload, and can be easily integrated into your laboratory due to its standardized design.
Fast and easy switching between manual and autonomous operation modes boosts productivity during workload fluctuations.
Automated sample sorting and consistent sample documentation help minimize error risks and increase overall lab productivity and the quality of tests.

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The Technology behind The Box

State-of-the-art technology combined with high-quality analyzer systems from Siemens Healthineers makes The Box a perfect and safe solution for lab automation.

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    Autonomous task processing

    The Box can operate for long durations without supervision by a lab technician. It relieves the lab staff of repetitive tasks and increases efficiency during workload fluctuations.

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    Fully automated analyzing processes

    Save time with high-quality analyzing systems for hemostasis testing, hematology analysis, and clinical chemistry by our partner Siemens Healthineers.

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    Intelligent sample handling

    The Box detects barcodes, sample size, and cap colors, as well as sorts and analyzes samples according to their urgency.

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    Sample storage

    Processed samples are stored securely within the reach of the robot arm and can be re-tested if required.

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    A flexible robot platform allows fast changes between manual and autonomous operation modes.

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    Human safety

    Sensor technology recognizes human presence during the autonomous mode, ensuring the safe stopping of the system.

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    Our innovative de-capping station features a 3-finger gripper that rotates and removes sample tube caps while the cobot’s end effector securely holds the cap. The process is quick and efficient, allowing for seamless workflow in the lab.

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    Scan and evaluate barcode

    By utilizing the mounted barcode scanner on the work table of the mobile platform, The Box has the capability to capture and record the labels of sample tubes for documentation purposes.

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    Centrifuge interfaces

    With the integration of a centrifuge controller, The Box can effortlessly connect with existing centrifuges, enabling automated filling and emptying. The Box is capable of handling individual sample tubes as well as entire racks, and has already integrated systems from Hettich. If requested, compatibility testing can be performed for other centrifuge brands.

Areas of application

Hospital Laboratories as key area of application

Laboratories are currently facing severe challenges in finding qualified staff. The Box relieves the employees and minimizes error risks while securing high-quality standards. The Box is well-suited for small and mid-size laboratories focusing on clinical chemistry, hematology, and hemostasis with the aim to enhance the scope for new diagnostic areas in the future.

Sample processing time is one of the most critical factors for successful lab operation. Urgent samples have to be analyzed in less than an hour while routine samples need to be scheduled to ensure a stable turn-around time. The Box sorts and prioritizes samples according to their urgency automatically thereby ensuring rapid delivery of results for emergency samples.

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The Box Features and Functions

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    Loading and operation of various peripherals including Siemens Healthineers systems Sysmex CS-2500, Dimension EXL, and ADVIA 2120i

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    Connection to laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

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    Use of standard APIs from medical and pharmaceutical sectors

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    Intelligent sample handling through smart identification and prioritization

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    Automated sample quality control by documenting the sample and analysis information

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    Sample storage for re-processing in case of need

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    Service and support with a TeamViewer Augmented Reality solution

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