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uGO is our fully integrated solution platform that allows you to adjust the workflow of your solutions with only a couple of easy clicks without any programming knowledge. Configure your solution, create individual workflows, and modify them directly on-site. uGO functions as a module-based software combining your individual processes into complete automated and documented workflows. Control and set up pipettes, centrifuges, or other equipment centrally in our platform. All results and parameters are stored in the system and are transferred to your interface accordingly. The flexibility of uGO allows you to design workflows according to your specific environment in the laboratory, hospital, logistics, and manufacturing. Situational changes in the workflow can also be quickly adapted. uGO dashboard provides an intuitive interface for you to adjust your workflow live. Simplify processes with uGO, relieve your staff, increase the throughput of your lab, and minimize error potential. Our experts are happy to help.

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Key features:

Discover how uGO can support your workflow.

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    Easily create and customize workflows and device settings with drag & drop

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    Track your processes and data live with the uGO dashboard interface and make direct adjustments if needed

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    Compatible with a wide range of standard lab devices as well as with mobile and stationary robots

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    Easy and intuitive use of uGO software with integrated module-based user interface

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    International standards

    uGO operates with the international communication standard MQTT

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    Switch easily between different languages depending on user preferences

  • 07


    Task-specific communication with an AI-powered chatbot as well as various social entertainment functions

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    Integrate your older systems and machines into a modern Lab 4.0 environment

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    Digital Twin

    Efficient digital visualization and management of your equipment and machines

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    Predictive analytics, maintenance, and remote management ensure a safe and reliable workflow at any time


uGO software offers a variety of module-based functions and lets you adapt your existing processes, design new workflows, or change them in no time.

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    Loading and operation of centrifuges, diagnostic equipment, and various peripherals

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    Connection to laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

  • 03

    Refilling of reagents for diagnostic equipment

  • 04

    Pipetting and HPLC process connectivity

  • 05

    Intelligent sample handling through smart identification and prioritization

  • 06

    Capping and de-capping of samples

  • 07

    Sample level monitoring

  • 08

    Automated sample quality control by documenting the sample and analysis information

  • 09

    Various pick-and-place tasks

  • 10

    Use of standard APIs from medical, pharmaceutical, and food sectors

  • 11

    Communication with the operator through audio recognition and a smart chatbot

  • 12

    Service and support with a Teamviewer Augmented Reality solution

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