Smart and mobile laboratory automation

uMobileLAB is a perfect solution for flexible lab automation which allows autonomous operation of laboratories. Consisting of a mobile robot platform and a versatile collaborative arm, uMobileLAB increases the overall efficiency during workload fluctuations and is easily integrated into the existing LAB-workflow. Additionally, it can carry out minor intralogistics tasks.
Standardized APIs used in medical, pharmaceutical, and food sectors allow uMobileLAB to interact with and operate a various scope of peripherals such as centrifuges, analyzers, reagent dispenser, and other devices. Thanks to smart mapping and collision avoidance, uMobileLAB can also navigate whole buildings autonomously, with people present and can operate lifts and automatic doors.
This makes uMobileLAB an unprecedented champion in lab workflows which include intralogistics tasks.

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Technology behind uMobileLAB

State-of-the-art technology combined with smart AI-powered elements makes uLAB a perfect and safe solution for lab automation.

  • 01

    Autonomous task processing

    uMobileLAB operates without supervision and can run up to 6 hours without charging.

  • 02

    Human safety

    Thanks to it highly sensitive sensor technology, uMobileLAB easily detects and avoids possible collisions with objects and humans.

  • 03

    Intelligent sample handling

    An integrated AI camera allows uMobileLAB to detect barcodes and cap colors, as well as sort and analyze samples according to their urgency.

  • 04

    Sample level verification

    uMobileLAB recognizes the sample level and adjusts the analyzing process accordingly.

  • 05

    Interactive system

    uMobileLAB uses smart audio detection and a chatbot for direct voice interaction with the user.

  • 06

    Intuitive controls

    The uGO software ensures intuitive control and adapts uMobileLAB to your existing lab workflow. An intuitive “Drag & Drop” interface allows control over existing peripherals such as centrifuges, analyzers, reagent dispensers, and other devices.

  • 07

    AI Camera

    The AI Camera add-on unit is a cutting-edge solution that enhances the capabilities of your end effector with an attached camera. This innovative device features both a 2D and a 3D stereo camera, with image evaluation performed by AI installed on an additional computer. The AI camera can recognize and distinguish color codes of different sample tubes, as well as identify and read landmarks. With this advanced technology, uMobileLAB can implement bin picking solutions, streamlining and optimizing your lab processes. Contact us to learn more about how the AI Camera add-on unit can benefit your lab.

  • 08


    Our innovative de-capping station features a 3-finger gripper that rotates and removes sample tube caps while the cobot’s end effector securely holds the cap. The process is quick and efficient, allowing for seamless workflow in the lab.

  • 09

    HPLC / Pipetting

    uMobileLAB is equipped with two electronic pipettes mounted on the tool flange of the cobot in addition to the end effector. These pipettes can handle a variety of volumes and currently use rLine 1-ch 5-200ul LS and rLine 1-ch 50-1000ul LS from Sartorius.
    Other pipette types are available upon request. With this feature, uMobileLAB can perform pipetting tasks and support the HPLC process by pipetting micro reaction vessels (eppis).

  • 10

    Elevator usage

    With the help of this skill, uMobileLAB is capable of independently controlling and utilizing existing elevator systems. The installation of a Lift Interface Panel enables communication between uMobileLAB and the elevator control.

  • 11

    Door Access

    By utilizing this skill, uMobileLAB can operate and control pre-existing automated door systems independently. Upon request, compatibility testing with the customer’s current systems will be conducted. This enhances the efficiency and functionality of uMobileLAB’s automated operations.

  • 12

    Centrifuge interfaces

    With the integration of a centrifuge controller, uMobileLAB can effortlessly connect with existing centrifuges, enabling automated filling and emptying. uMobileLAB is capable of handling individual sample tubes as well as entire racks, and has already integrated systems from Hettich. If requested, compatibility testing can be performed for other centrifuge brands.

  • 13

    Level monitoring / control

    With the fill level monitoring skill, you can easily monitor the fill level of your sample tubes and keep track of them through barcodes. The control box comes equipped with a camera, allowing for imaging and monitoring of the sample tubes when they are inserted from above via a cobot. This technology helps ensure accurate documentation and tracking of sample tube fill levels.

  • 14

    Reagents filling

    With the help of this skill, uMobileLAB can autonomously refill and load reagents for In-Vitro-Diagnostic in automated immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzer systems.

  • 15

    Object detection

    By utilizing the AI camera system, uMobileLAB can easily identify and differentiate between various objects, markings, and colors. The integrated AI in the camera system enables it to determine the best gripping position depending on the end effector used and then sends this information to the cobot. This allows for simple bin picking solutions to be executed. Additionally, uMobileLAB can use color recognition to perform different processes based on the color of the sample tube caps. Selecting the appropriate camera skill allows for immediate task execution without the need for prior AI training.

  • 16

    Scan and evaluate barcode

    By utilizing the mounted barcode scanner on the work table of the mobile platform, uMobileLAB has the capability to capture and record the labels of sample tubes for documentation purposes.

  • 17


    uLAB and uMobileLAB require a reference when performing tasks outside their workbench. Landmarks can be attached to peripheral devices or transfer stations for samples to create references. These landmarks can be linked to corresponding tasks. When the AI camera reads in the landmarks, uMobileLAB knows exactly where the objects to be handled are located and which task is to be performed.

  • 18

    Pneumatic tube/post

    For uMobileLAB to remove tasks from pneumatic tubes, a collecting cheek supplied by us is required. Only bombs with sizes ranging from 80mm to 160mm can be processed, and they must have the possibility of being opened from both sides. Additionally, a secondary packaging with a twist lock specified by us is also necessary. Using the de-capping station on the left side of the picture, uMobileLAB opens the pneumatic tube and processes its contents using the mentioned skills. Once completed, the pneumatic tube is returned to the system and placed in a pipe by the customer, where it is automatically sucked in.

Application Areas:


Laboratories are currently facing severe challenges in finding qualified staff. In Germany alone, 4,500 samples have to be processed in one shift by an average of 8 employees. uMobileLAB relieves the employees and minimizes error risks while securing high-quality standards. uMobileLAB is suited for a variety of laboratories in areas like laboratory medicine, pathology and forensics, genetic and pharmaceutical testing, industrial hygiene, and environmental medicine just to name a few possibilities.


A perfect solution for the intralogistics sector, uMobileLAB can transport and deliver samples, medicine, food, beverages, or even laundry. Its highly sensitive sensor technology ensures human safety and avoids collisions. uMobileLAB can also navigate whole buildings autonomously, with people present and can operate lifts and automatic doors.

Food and Cosmetic Industries

Testing is crucial to ensure the quality, safety, and authenticity of food, beverages, feed, chemicals, and cosmetics. uMobileLAB can load, unload, and transport samples between different stations connecting several LAB-workflows and increasing the overall efficiency.

Material and Environmental Services

With the ongoing effects of climate change, environmental analytics gain more and more significance. uMobileLAB helps meet the growing demand while maintaining high-quality standards not only in environmental analytics, but also with material quality testing. Digital sample documentation minimizes errors and risks during the analysis.

Educational Institutions

Automating laboratories at universities and other educational institutions can help reduce the overall time for long-term tests and experiments. uMobileLAB works autonomously, without a need of constant supervision, which can speed up the testing process by operating at night after the regular staff has gone home. uMobileLAB is also used in research to increase efficiency and at professional schools for educational purposes.

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uMobileLAB Features and Pretrained Skills

  • 01

    Loading and operation of centrifuges, diagnostic equipment, and various peripherals

  • 02

    Refilling of reagents for diagnostic equipment

  • 03

    Pipetting and HPLC process connectivity

  • 04

    Connection to laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

  • 05

    Use of standard APIs from medical, pharmaceutical, and food sectors

  • 06

    Intelligent sample handling through smart identification and prioritization

  • 07

    Capping and de-capping of samples

  • 08

    Sample level monitoring

  • 09

    Automated sample quality control by documenting the sample and analysis information

  • 10

    Various pick-and-place tasks

  • 11

    Communication with the operator through audio recognition and a smart chatbot

  • 12

    Service and support with a Teamviewer Augmented Reality solution

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