Smart automation of your in-house logistics

uMobileLOG is an unprecedented champion when it comes to automating intralogistics processes. Consisting of a smart mobile robot platform, uMobileLOG carries out the transportation of materials, lab samples, medication, or even food and beverages.
Our uMobileLOG relieves the staff from tedious transportation tasks and boosts overall efficiency. Thanks to smart mapping and collision avoidance, uMobileLOG can also navigate whole buildings autonomously, with people present, and can operate lifts and automatic doors.
Embedded ID protocols prevent any unauthorized access to the compartments of uMobileLOG and ensure safe and secure transportation of critical samples, items, and medication.

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Technology behind uMobileLOG

With its state-of-the-art technology, uMobileLOG automates transportation tasks, minimizes risks, and boosts the efficiency of in-house logistics.

  • 01

    Autonomous task processing

    uMobileLOG operates without supervision and can run up to 6 hours without charging.

  • 02

    Human safety

    Thanks to its highly sensitive sensor technology, uMobileLOG easily detects and avoids possible collisions with objects and humans.

  • 03

    Secure item handling

    ID protocols control the access to all compartments of uMobileLOG. Send critical medication and samples from one end of your facility to the other safely. Optional cooling systems preserve the samples for use.

  • 04

    Interactive system

    uMobileLOG uses smart audio detection and a chatbot for direct voice interaction with the user.

  • 05

    Intuitive controls

    The uGO software ensures intuitive controls of the uMobileLOG via a “Drag-and-Drop” interface and allows easy integration into your existing lab workflow.

  • 06

    Smart communication with existing systems

    uMobileLOG uses existing APIs and can interact with peripherals, as well as operate lifts and automatic doors.

  • 07

    uLAB integration

    uMobileLOG can be fully integrated into an existing workflow and can operate and interact with uLAB or uMobileLAB solutions.

  • 08

    Elevator usage

    With the help of this skill, uMobileLOG is capable of independently controlling and utilizing existing elevator systems. The installation of a Lift Interface Panel enables communication between uMobileLOG and the elevator control.

  • 09

    Door Access

    With the help of this skill, uMobileLOG is able to independently control and use existing automatic door systems. Compatibility testing with the end customer’s existing systems is carried out on request.

  • 10

    Drawers Temperature

    Transporting blood requires strict temperature control to maintain its quality and integrity. With uMobileLOG, you can easily set the temperature range between 0 and 20 degrees Celsius, with the option to set thresholds to trigger automatic notifications in case of temperature deviations. This ensures that blood samples are transported in optimal conditions, reducing the risk of damage or degradation.

  • 11

    Drawers Log

    Figures 1 and 2 showcase the skill which comprises of a seven-drawer structure that allows for individual access restriction. This feature guarantees that only authorized personnel can remove the contents, which can include laboratory samples, tools or medicines. Identification is done via an ID chip, ensuring security and control.

Areas of Application


Laboratories are currently facing severe challenges in finding qualified staff. uMobileLOG relieves employees from mundane transportation tasks and lets them concentrate on high-value tasks, increasing overall throughput and efficiency.


A perfect solution for in-house logistics, uMobileLOG can transport and deliver samples, medicine, food, beverages, or even laundry. Its highly sensitive sensor technology ensures human safety and avoids collisions. uMobileLOG can also navigate entire buildings autonomously, with people present, and can interact with elevators and automatic doors.

Food and Cosmetic Industries

Testing is crucial to ensure the quality, safety, and authenticity of food, beverages, feed, chemicals, and cosmetics. Smart intralogistics automation with uMobileLOG ensures smooth and secure transportation of items between different stations connecting several LAB workflows and increasing the overall efficiency.

Material and Environmental Services

With the ongoing effects of climate change, environmental analytics gain more and more significance. uMobileLOG helps meet the growing demand by automating existing processes while maintaining high-quality standards not only in environmental analytics but also with material quality testing.

Educational Institutions

Automating logistics at universities and other educational institutions can help reduce the overall time for long-term tests and experiments. uMobileLOG is also used in research to increase efficiency and at professional schools for educational purposes.

uMobileLOG Features and Pretrained Skills

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    Safe transportation of samples, sample racks, items, and medication

  • 02

    Restricted access to each compartment eliminates unauthorized use

  • 03

    Connection to laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

  • 04

    Elevator and automatic door operation

  • 05

    Communication with the operator through audio recognition and a smart chatbot

  • 06

    Fast service and support with a Teamviewer Augmented Reality solution

Unleash the power of uMobileLOG

Transform your logistics with uMobileLOG, automate transportation, boost efficiency, ensure safety.

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